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Our clients have landed high six (and even seven) figure
jobs at companies such as:

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60% Response Rate From Top Companies!
$165k + $35k Signing Bonus!
Doubling Pay to 6 Figures!
$55k Above Target!
$200k Base Salary!
$18k Increase!
$560k Package!
First 6 Figure Job!!
Standing Out From The Competition!
Confidence To Ask For Your Worth!
60% Increase In Pay!
Executives Giving YOU The Inside Scoop!

FAQs for CareerSprout Coaching

Who is the CareerSprout Academy made for?
The CareerSprout Academy is for people who already have 3 to 5 years of work experience, and want to leverage that experience to land a higher paying job at a company you admire, move into a leadership position, or make a transition. 

Most of the clients that we've helped, either have experience in or want to get into: Tech, Accounting & Finance, Sales and (Digital) or Traditional Marketing, Product Management, Project Management, Engineering, or Leadership opportunities. 
Why does this program exist?
Our philosophy is simple: In order to build a meaningful career, you need to be much more intentional. Most people are frustrated with their careers for one reason: It’s not going according to plan. A large part of that is because they were never taught how to create a plan that was right for them. We change that. 

If you’ve been frustrated with how your career is going up until now, for whatever reason, then do not react by leaving one bad situation for another. 

By joining our program, you can make sure that the next position you get (and any subsequent position after that) is one that aligns with your goals, your values, your strengths, is high-paying, and sets you up for future success. 
What if I'm not sure about what I want to do?
We work with you to help you figure it out. We have exercises, modules, and the power of our community is amazing for this. You can directly speak to people who are in the roles you're considering to learn if it's right for you and how to get into it. We also help facilitate introductions to people who would be a good resource for you. 
How long does it typically take for someone to land the job they want?
Our current running average is 63 days. 
When does the program start?
Because the CareerSprout Academy is an online course (with weekly live coaching) it starts when you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or as slow as you wish.
Where does it happen?
The Six-Figure Academy is an online course but in addition to that, it consists of multiple live weekly coaching and training calls, tools, templates, and a Facebook community. You complete it online. 
How does it work?
You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Join any or all of the weekly coaching calls. Work with us to do your interview preps. Ask questions in the community or live coaching calls, follow the process, and get results. 
How many interview preps do I get?
Unlimited. We like to coach our clients before every interview they go on. This is precisely why we have one call each week entirely dedicated to helping you with preparing for interviews.  
What’s the main reason many people have found success in this program?
Failure is not an option in our program. Period. We provide endless support at each step of the job search process. If you’re following the action items and joining the calls, we make it impossible for you to fail.
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