About Career Sprout

For 20+ years, our coaches, recruiters, and staffing agencies have been perfecting the 5 step strategy to land high paying job offers. In the last 3 years, we’ve used this strategy to help 575+ professionals increase their salary by $37k in 63 days (on average).

Who we help

The Six Figure Academy is for people who want to land a higher paying job at a company they admire, move into a leadership position, or make a career transition. Most of our clients either have experience in or want to transition into: Tech, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, or Leadership opportunities. 

What we do

We help professionals secure HIGHLY competitive job offers (regardless of what you are making now). We do this through our Six Figure Academy where you can choose to work through it on your own or with added support, coaching, and accountability from our team of career coaches, recruiters, and staffing agencies. 

Our philosophy

70% of the workforce is disengaged. Our mission is to deliver career coaching to help professionals land high paying jobs and build meaningful careers that align with their values and life goals. To do this, we follow a philosophy built on 5 core principles: 

1. Ruthless honesty (with yourself and others)
2. Good for the whole mentality (optimizing for the long term)
3. Disciplined focus (being present in each moment)
4. Lean resourcefulness (doing more with less)
5. Consistent growth (aiming toward the best version of yourself) 

Our 5 step strategy

Step 1: Identify Your Career Nirvana 

Most people pick a career and then just stick with it because they think they have to. They live in a state of stagnation even when they’re only 4 years into a 40 year career. It’s 100% possible to land high paying jobs and build a meaningful career that aligns with your life goals IF you start at the end and reverse engineer the exact positions that will get you where you want to grow to.  

Step 2: Build The Perfect Resume and LinkedIn Profile

If you ask 100 resume professionals to write your resume for you, you’ll get 100 different resumes, and maybe 60-70 of them will actually be good. The true test for a good resume and LinkedIn profile is counting how many recruiters and hiring managers reach out to YOU with positions that actually match your career goals. 

Step 3: Find Your Support Team

Your support team will either make or break you. Building the right team is essential if you want to secure competitive job offers. When you identify your key people, you’ll have qualified conversations with the people who directly impact your career and can sign off on massive salaries, sign on bonuses, perks, and promotions. 

Step 4: Crush Your Interviews

Most people word-vomit every ounce of work experience they have. Or worse, they come across as arrogant because they think their experience speaks for itself. When you leverage advanced interview strategies (backed by psychology), you will properly build rapport and be able to confidently answer any question thrown your way. 

Step 5: Secure HIGHLY Competitive Job Offers 

When you follow each of these steps, you have control over who you work with, how you work with them, and the salary you command. You can secure highly competitive job offers (regardless of what you’re making now) and start your new job with peace of mind knowing you actually got paid your worth AND set yourself up for continuous growth. 

Our team

Laura Leach

Laura brings 20+ years of recruiting experience to the table as she has helped thousands of professionals land jobs in various industries (especially tech)! ⁣⁣One of Laura's superpowers is her dedication to build confidence in our clients and help them create effective negotiation strategies to land the salary they deserve.

Misha Matalia

Misha has 13+ years of experience collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, global NGOs, early-stage startups, and innovative government agencies. She is focused on helping high-achieving, mid-career professionals design meaningful careers, overcome limiting beliefs, and cultivate powerful networks.

Katie McIntyre

Katie is a Forbes Coaches Council member who has been involved in more than $50 million in online coaching sales. As a high performance coach with Career Sprout, Katie works with professionals who want to transition into a meaningful career with a company they admire in 63 days. 

Joanna Murphy

Joanna is our resident recruiter, who leverages her past as a national-level athlete to help our students show up as a top performer in interviews. Her insights into the world of hiring (especially in tech) are invaluable to our clients' job searches and interview processes. 

Gaurav Valani

Gaurav is a former agency and corporate Recruiter, former co-founder of a TrueBridge Resources (a nationwide staffing agency which he grew to $72M prior to acquisition) and former VP of Talent at Overstock.com. He has not only recruited for, but helped clients land jobs at some of the world's most admired companies such as: Google, Netflix, Coca-Cola, Disney, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is via email - info@careersprout.com 

You can follow us on YouTube here

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